03 Quid Pro Quo (PM_Worship)

02 When Jesus Curses (PM_Worship)

01 Being unfit for the Kingdom of God (PM_Worship)

01 Living with a New Resolution

06 The Lord's Kingdom & Victory (PM_Worship)

04 Jesus the Ultimate Gift

02 The Gift of Time & Possession

04 The Messiah's Trail & Death (PM_Worship)

01 The Gift of Obedience & Love

The Mission of the Messiah (PM_Worship)

03 The Coming of the Herald (PM_Worship

02 Line of Abraham (PM_Worship)

01 Born of a Virgin (PM_Worship)

Am I a Servant (PM_Worship)

04 Trusting God into the Unknown (PM_Worship)

03 Trusting God in the Moment (PM_Worship)

02 Obeying God's Will (PM_Worship)

01 Surrendering to God's Will (PM_Worship)

Truth (PM_Worship)

John the Baptist (PM_Worship)

01 How to tell if your fruit is ripe

What If Jesus Meant What He Said

Samson (PM_Worship)

Responding to Jesus

Lot (PM Worship)

Aaron Exodus (PM_Worship)

Circumstances (PM_Worship)

08 The Commands of God (PM_Worship)

04 New beginnings & Certain Ends

07 The Timing of God fighting fear & finding thankfulness (PM_Worship)

06 The Hands of God (PM_Worship)

02 The Spiritual Afforadable Healthcare Act

05 The Certainity of the Day of the Lord (PM_Worship)

Worthy a lesson in spiritual economics

11 Rahab & Faith Hebrews

03 The Protective Father (PM_Worship)

02 The Power of the Gospel (PM_Worship)

01 The Nature of Thanksgiving (PM_Worship)

04 The Wise Men Didnt Miss Out on Christmas

04 The Mission Isaiah (PM_Worship)

03 Herod Matthew

03 The Servant Isaiah (PM_Worship)

02 A Great Light (PM_Worship)

Where does your Thank You land

01 A Sign (PM_Worship)

08 Praise (PM_Worship)

09 Who Cares

07 Rest (PM_Worship)

08 Elijah & Global Warming

07 What to do when you fall asleep in church

05 the Beatings will Continue until Morale Improves

06 the Seat of Mercy (PM_Worship)

05 Christ (PM_Worship)

03 What to do when Jesus is dragging His feet

04 Faith Ethics & Grace (PM_Worship)

03 Dealing with Bad People (PM_Worship)

01 When Rhoda Answers the Door

02 Living in Troubled Times (PM_Worship)

01 The Happy Song (PM_Worship)

07 God is in the House (PM_Worship)

06 Let's Get Ready to Rumble (PM_Worship)

05 When God Hears from the Repentant Heart (PM_Worship)

04 How to React to Tragedy & Suffering (PM_Worship)

03 Things Could Be Worse Pt. 2 (PM_Worship)

02 Things Could Be Worse (PM_Worship)

01 A Call to Repentance (PM_Worship)